A Family That Flies Together

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Summer holidays, winter holidays, basically any old holiday, they are all fantastic experiences to enjoy together with your loved ones, and if you’re in the process of planning your next jaunt as a family, it’s certainly an exciting process.

If this is the first time flying long haul with children however, you might be a little on the worried side about how to keep all your brood happy and healthy whilst you get from A to B. Long haul flying is difficult at the best of times, but there are plenty of things you can do to make it easier, and even enjoyable.

Flying with children is basically down to preparation and research before you leave home, as Schofields have discovered, and a few ways to ensure it all goes smoothly include:

  • Making sure that tablets and phones are charged up to ensure no red flashing light issues occur halfway to wherever you’re going
  • Downloading games, books, films onto their tablet to keep them occupied
  • Packing healthy snacks, rather than sugar-laden ones
  • Enlist the help of your children when it comes to planning what you’re going to see and do on your travels; this will help them feel involved and will go a long way to stopping boredom and tantrums
  • Ensure your children are well-rested before the flight
  • Dress your children in comfortable clothes, and take a few changes with you, just in case of any accidents or spillages – think warmth and comfort, rather than fashion
  • Book extra leg room if at all possible, to give you all more room for manoeuvre
  • Book your seats also, to ensure you are not split up on the plane – never an enjoyable experience

These are just a few ideas on how to make long haul travel easier on the body and mind when travelling with children. Remember that if this is the first time your child has been on a long flight, it’s a good idea to talk to them beforehand about what is going to happen; it’s a good idea to instil some excitement into proceedings, but remember to keep it to a minimum otherwise the flight is going to be an over-excited nightmare for you!

Stay calm, do your preparation, keep that entertainment going, and try and keep a sense of calm into proceedings – if you can do that, your flight is going to be much easier on not only you, but your child too.

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