A Guide for Beginners: How to Play Roulette

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Without a doubt, roulette is one of the easiest games to learn on the casino floor. Whilst card games such as poker and blackjack can often be tricky and pose various complications, table games such as roulette are simple – which is one of the main reasons why so many people choose to play the game on a daily basis.

Whether you’re a casino novice or regular, you can always learn more to improve both knowledge and style to help your gameplay experience. This very simple walkthrough will hopefully further your knowledge of roulette and hopefully you will take some of our tips on how to enhance your casino experience.


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So the main aim of roulette is to win money – that much is obvious. Players are required to place their wager prior to the dropping of the ball, however, it is actually up to the dealer to call for no more bets. The dealer has a duty to not only signal the end of the betting before a spin, but also to ensure that all winnings are paid and losing bets have been cleared.

Furthermore, there are a number of rules relating to player etiquette at and around the table. For example, players are not usually allowed to just sit at a table and watch other players, they must actually partake in the game. The dealer will usually ask inactive players to move on – and this is frequent in both land-based and online casino environments.


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Variations of roulette

Once you learn the different types of roulette, it’s straightforward. However, it can be difficult at first. There are plenty of different roulette games, including American, French and European. At most online websites, including the live roulette tables, you can access all three of these variations. However, land-based establishments will predominantly offer American and European tables.

The main difference is on the wheel itself. American roulette has both a ’0′ and ’00′ whilst the European version simply has a single ’0′. Although this can catch players out at first, it soon becomes obvious once you pick the game up.


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Odds and winnings

Unsurprisingly, the most popular bet in roulette is usually on the colours – red and black. These pay out at even money, so if you put £5 on red and it wins, you will double your money. More adventurous players can wager on particular numbers or groups of numbers, with individual numbers paying back at 35/1. For every £1 you stake, you get £36 back – it’s that straightforward.

Some players have strategies whilst others just go with the flow and see how they feel. Column betting is particularly popular with those who have strategies as many tend to work in multiples of three. If the ball has landed on 15, 21 and 27, players will wager on column three. Obviously there is a different chance of winning depending on what type of roulette you play, but odds are quite similar and don’t fluctuate too much on wider variables.


In summary, roulette is simple, can be cheap and there are a number of variations, meaning players will never get bored of playing the game. It may take some time but you could go far on the roulette table if you follow our very simple instructions on how to play this world famous table game.

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