How do you solve a Rubiks cube?

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We’ve all seen the colorful, six-sided cube that has been around as a puzzling game for decades. Sometimes, we tend to use the Rubik’s Cube as just a quirky decoration piece in our homes or office, never to be touched or even attempted to be solved. However, some take the plunge and the long journey to completely solving the phenomenon that is the Rubik’s Cube. This game is every bit of a frustrating puzzle, however, there is a large sense of an accomplished feeling one must have when solving it.

Rubik’s Cube experts have found several different methods to solving this baffling, cubic puzzle, and most of them highlight starting with different “layers” and sides of the cube. This article focuses on being aware and memorizing certain cube notations as a method to begin the trek to solving a Rubix Cube. This method also discusses focusing on different corners of the Rubik’s cube to solve it, and it also discusses another method as focusing on the outer edges to work toward solving the entire cube.

Aside from written, detailed instructions, there are also several different video tutorials that can help give a more detailed and visual description of several different methods that will assist you in the solving of your Rubik’s cube. There are a plethora of helpful instructional videos on YouTube, as well as Rubik’s Cube’s actual website, One video that was found helpful in particular, was a video on YouTube that takes Rubik’s solvers on a step-by-step journey with someone as they watch another Rubik’s cube solver work toward solving their own cube. You can find this video on Youtube.

There isn’t just one correct way in solving a Rubik’s Cube, there are several different methods and approaches to take when you sit down to work on your Rubik’s Cube. This cube can be extremely frustrating, and it takes a large sum of patience and time to sit down and work on solving a Rubik’s Cube. If you do not have a Rubik’s Cube and are interested in purchasing one, you can find them at pretty much all large department stores and several online retailers like


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