How Nurses Can Prevent Foot Pain

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Nurses are always on their feet, rushing through the hospital halls to perform their duties and provide their care. Because of the nature of their work, nurses are prone to foot pains associated with walking and standing for prolonged periods of time.

In order to avoid severe injuries and decrease any associated pains with this job, there are a number of things you can be done to prevent foot pain.


How Nurses Can Prevent Foot Pain


Bending over beds and assisting patients in treatment can take on a variety of different positions on the body. Being mindful of your posture is going to help reduce pain coming from your feet that could spread to other areas of your body.


The shoes you wear have a direct impact on your overall posture. Every step you take will be influenced by the shoe you wear. If your shoes are not comfortable are the right size for your feet, you can expect to experience incredible pain after a long nursing shift.

Luckily, many shoe companies have started designing shoes specifically for the needs of nurses.’s guide to shoes for nurses and their guide to shoes for male nurses is a great place to find a pair of shoes that will certainly prevent foot pain.


When you’re told to stretch, often people think of waving your arms in the air and reaching to the sky. This style of stretching is something that helps throughout a long day on the job, however, there are a few stretching techniques that can help relieve your feet and prevent future pain.

Here’s a couple of stretches you can try:

  • Rolling your ankle in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction, 15 seconds each.
  • Use a frozen water bottle or other hard cylindrical object and roll your foot over it back and forth.
  • Take your socks off and stretch each toe by pulling them back one by one for 15 seconds each.



Every so often, getting a foot massage can help break down any tension and pain building up in your feet. Find a massage therapist close to home so you can put into for a quick 20 minutes foot massage so you can relieve your feet.


Fill up the tub with hot water and some epsom salts will help relax your feet and help prevent any future pain. Epsom salt is known to relieve pain and muscles cramps. Add some of this to your next bath and enjoy let your feet take a rest after a hard day at the hospital.

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