How to Become a Better Deer Hunter

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Deer hunting is one of the most illustrious and popular hunting hobbies in the United States. Whether you’re a novice hunter or simply want to brush up on your hunting skills, these tips will get you well on your way to honing your hunting skills this upcoming season.

Scouting Hunting Spots

It’s important to scope out your hunting area before you pack your gear and head out to find that once in a lifetime buck. Of course, you’ll first need to find a public parcel. There are usually online sites that can help you find publicly accessible lands. You may also choose to lease hunting land, which entails paying a landowner for the rights to hunt on his property. These generally run on dollars-per-acre rates, but this can vary immensely depending on the state and county you hope to hunt in, and whether or not said area is known for a high saturation of whitetails. Take a look at agricultural areas, look for feeding trails, and examine the area for tree scrapes or land ruts. These are a result of a bulk marking his territory, and can provide a great indication of whether or not you’ll have luck in a certain spot of the chosen hunting area.

Consider the types of food deer eat, and keep in mind the months in which they eat them. For example, you might search for areas rife with acorns in October, but search for an area filled with cover in the later summer months.

Take the Wind into Consideration

It’s vital to understand the wind. If you place yourself incorrectly and the wind carries your scent to the waiting nose of your prize buck, he’ll be out of view before you can blink. Take note of wind patterns before heading out on your hunt, and consider how and where you’ll approach and set up your stand to ensure you’re downwind as much as possible.

Use Vocalizations to Your Advantage

Deer are surprisingly vocal, and you may find better luck with deer calls. You can learn to make varied types of calls with your own mouth, but if you’re looking for a quick solution that doesn’t require hours of practice, consider buying a deer call that provides all the sounds you need.

Use Scent Correctly

Many novice hunters forget about their own human scent before heading out to the field or woods. Always eliminate as many human odors as you can. While you can’t completely eliminate your own scent, you can limit it. Scrub with unscented soap before heading out for your hunt, and use a natural, unscented deodorant. Forgo any strong smells, including cologne or aftershave. Preparing your clothes requires a bit of foresight. Grab some leaves or soil from the area you plan on hunting, and keep the clothes you’ll be wearing on the hunt with your collection in a plastic bag. As you head out to your hunting spot, take advantage of nearby animal droppings; step in them to help cover up odors on your feet.

Be sure to spray the bottom of your boots with deer urine or scent block. If you use deer urine, be aware that air exposure quickly effects the scent, and will quickly tip off the buck you’re pursuing if you’re not careful.

Get Some Guidance

While much of our hunting acumen comes from trial and error through personal experiences, it’s also important to take guidance from experienced hunters, whether that be through hunting with friends or hiring a guide to show you the ropes. If you want to hunt with an experienced hunter and don’t have any connections, consider hiring a guide. Check out Guidefitter; this cool site can help you get in contact with professional hunting guides, who you can then hire to take you out and help you have the hunt of a lifetime.

Hunting deer requires a combination of patience, skill, determination, and sheer dumb luck. Keep these tips in mind and you’re well on your way to becoming a better deer hunter by next season.

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