Navigating Social Situations When You’re a Recovering Alcoholic

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jeff Blackler / Rex Features ( 1096103b ) Model Released - Young woman and alcopop drinks Various

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Jeff Blackler / Rex Features ( 1096103b )
Model Released – Young woman and alcopop drinks

Once you are in the recovery stage, it can make social situations seems difficult to manage. You now have to get through an event without taking a drink, when you used to have a drink in hand quite often. Happy hour at a restaurant, a simple party at a friend’s house, or even a family get together can seem difficult to navigate while you’re in recovery, but you can navigate the situations better with a few helpful methods.

Learn Tools From a Treatment Facility

Before heading to any social gatherings, it is best to attend a treatment facility where you can learn appropriate coping tools and techniques. These tools will allow you to handle stressful situations in your everyday life, including attending a gathering where alcohol may be served. You can visit in order to discover the comprehensive program offered by the recovery center. The program will be tailored to your specific needs so the tools learned will be appropriate.

Some of the typical tools learned include focusing on the positive, deep breathing, and talking it out. You can think about the fact that you will be attending a fun event with friends or family. You get to socialize and spend time with those you care about, which is a very positive thing. You will be surrounded with people who care about you, which should make it easier to avoid taking a drink.

Before you head out, or even while you’re there, spend time deep breathing. Focus your mind on the positive aspects and breathe in and out until you are comfortable with the environment. It would also be a big help to talk about the event you will be attending with a friend. Be honest with them and let them know about your worries so they can help provide guidance. You may also take that friend along with you so you have someone at the party that knows what you are struggling with, and can help keep you accountable.

Declutter Your Mind

Never attend a social gathering when you are feeling as though your mind is cluttered and filled with unnecessary thoughts. You want to be as productive, motivated, and happy as you can be. This leads to better decision making skills, which could be the difference in ensuring you steer clear of the drinks at the party. Decluttering your mind will help you to feel less stressed and out of control. The same goes with decluttering your space. Pick up at home before you head out. You will have a sense of being organized and feeling calm, which will translate into your social atmosphere.

Find a New Favorite Drink

Since alcohol was your go-to drink of choice at gatherings previously, you need to find a new favorite drink to always fill your hand. During happy hour with friends, for example, find a speciality lemonade concoction to purchase for half price, rather than an alcoholic beverage. This can be your new go-to drink to order each time you attend, rather than the alcohol you previously had to have.

Navigating social situations will always be stressful when you are a recovering alcoholic. With a few methods, however, you can make the process a little more easier. By finding a new favorite drink to keep in hand, decluttering your mind and focusing on the positive, and some additional helpful coping tools from a treatment facility, you will be better equipped to handle any party, happy hour, gathering, or other social event that comes up on your calendar.

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