The Wonder of Canada

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There are few countries in the world that can boast the varied landscapes and culture of Canada. Some of the world’s most famous natural sites are based in this huge landmass, and that is why this North American country remains one of the world’s most sought after destinations.

Of course, a country this huge needs research in terms of where you want to visit. From city life, to the wide open spaces of the Prairies and the Rocky Mountains, Canada is a treat for the senses, and it is an experience you are unlikely to forget. You can also make this a vacation to remember for an even more luxurious reason, by renting one of the many mansions in Canada, giving you a home from home stay with a sophisticated edge, or you could go for a log cabin in the mountains – the choice is yours!

The best way to really break Canada down into areas is by describing its provinces. The North is home to some of the most remote landscapes on earth, and whilst this is not a place that many people venture to, it does offer some of the most jaw-dropping sights you will ever see in your life. The Northern Lights are pretty much a certainty from up here!

The Atlantic Provinces, including Newfoundland and Nova Scotia offer some stunning landscapes, as well as plentiful history. As you venture towards Quebec, you’ll experience some of the most unique culture in the country, with French being the most commonly spoken language. You almost feel like you are in a totally different country in this part of Canada, an that is what makes it such a special area to visit, whether you base yourself here or simply visit for a few days. In this area you will find the huge and vibrant city of Montreal.

Ontario is home to Toronto, the largest city in Canada overall, and somewhere you will find all the modern day fun you would expect. From shopping to entertainment, nightlife to culture, there is everything here. Of course, this area is the most touristic, and is home to Niagara Falls. Always a sight to behold, despite it becoming a lot more touristy over the years, this is somewhere you have to see at least once in your life. You can check out Ottawa in this region too, another popular city to head to.

If you want to avoid the cold temperatures of winter, head to British Columbia. This is the mildest part of the country, particularly on the coast, and is home to Vancouver and Victoria, two vibrant cities, set in beautiful landscapes.

Finally, we have the Prairies. This area is packed with wide open spaces, room to roam, amazing mountains scenery, and those glassy, clear lakes you see in so any photographs. You can check out Alberta, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg here, and there are fantastic skiing opportunities during the winter months, particularly in Calgary.

From the history of the Gold Rush, with some towns looking almost untouched since that time, to the wonder of the Rockies, and everything in-between, Canada is a true experience, and somewhere that will stay with you forever. It’s no wonder that so many people have this destination on their bucket list, and whether you decide to base yourself in one place and experience it to the max, or whether you decide to head off around a few different places, it is certainly a country to fill up your camera memory card, for sure.

Whilst once upon a time visiting Canada used to be something that only the rich and rather wealthy had the chance to do, prices of flights have thankfully fallen a lot over the last few years. Whilst some experiences remains pricey, such as that famous Rocky Mountaineer train we hear so much about, there are many which aren’t so high. For instance, Niagara Falls used to be well out of many a price range, but the touristic value nowadays has lowered prices, and this is somewhere you can certainly have on your visit list. Checking out the cities is also something you must do, because each one is vibrant and individual in its own right. You will find all the regular modern amenities and fun in every city, but there is a certain twist to each one, which makes them stand apart from one another.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Canadian adventure if you didn’t check out at least one wide open space. Canada is packed with them, thanks so its sheer size, and that means that grabbing a lungful of fresh mountain air is not at all difficult. Remember to head to British Columbia if you don’t like winter’s chilly temperatures, and bear in mind that the colder months elsewhere can be chilly with a capital C! It is impossible to give you a weather overview, because of the sheer size of the place, but simply go packed for all eventualities, and you wont go far wrong!

So, whether you choose to base yourself in the wilderness, or you choose one city to stay in, Canada is somewhere you can tick off your bucket list with much more ease than ever before. The only questions left are, when are you going to go? And, which part will you head to first?

Decisions, decisions indeed!

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