What are the Most Popular Countries in the World?

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Rating countries and other geographical areas based on popularity can be difficult since popularity and reputation varies over time and can also change in an instant. There are also no absolute ways to measure popularity besides voting and surveys, however, even those results can have the chance of being inaccurate or false. BBC World Service teams up with PIPA and GlobalScan to conduct a global survey of the most popular countries in the world. Although this data is subject to change at any point in time, there were results and countries named the most popular.

10) South Korea– Psy’s recent smash it “Gangham Style” definitely helped in making South Korea more visible and popular to the public eye.

9) China– China has fell the furthest in percentage in favorability over the years due to negative views, however, it still has remained in the top ten.

8) United States of America– Also due to negative views, the US has also decreased in favorability recently, but is still in the top ten most popular countries.

7) Brazil– Brazil overtook the US this year with a 46% favorability rate.

6) European Union– No matter the hardships the European Union faces or any negativity that might surface, the European Union always remains favorable in popularity across the world.

5) France– This country remains high in popularity each year and is one of the most desired tourist destinations for people around the world.

4) Japan– Japan was number one last year, however, fell back dramatically as it lost positive views from those in the European Union.

3) United Kingdom– The United Kingdom took the largest leap in approval in this year’s survey.

2) Canada– Although Canada has received negative international press very recently in the past year, it’s reputation only seems to be improving as it took over as the second most popular country in the world.

1) Germany– Germany was voted the most popular country in the world. Germany showed high approval rates from essentially everywhere in the world, except for Greece.

Although many opinions differ on the most popular countries in the world, these top ten pulled through to have the highest approval rates from people all over the world.

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