What are the Smallest Countries in the World?

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Looking on any map, atlas, or globe, it is very apparent and easy to tell which countries are the worlds largest– mostly because you can’t miss them. While countries like Russia, Canada, and the United States all range from 3 to 9 million square miles (9-17 million square kilometers), there are other countries on the globe that aren’t as easy to see. The world’s smallest countries are not as obvious to the human eye, and have to make a name for themselves outside of large, spacious square mileage, since they are all under a mere 200 square miles in land. As hard as it is to believe, there are actually 17 countries that fall under this category of such little square mileage.

1) Vatican City– Vatican City is the world’s smallest state, with only 0.2 square mileage of land and a population of only 770. No one who resides in Vatican City is actually a permanent resident.

2) Monaco– Monaco is a small state of only 0.7 square mileage and is located along the French Riviera along the French Mediterranean coast. This state actually has a large population of 32,000, and has made itself a small, yet very prominent country known for its casinos and Princess Grace.

3) Nauru– This pacific island has a square mileage of 8.5, 13,000 residents who fully rely on phosphate deposits, and this small independent state was formally known as Pleasant Island.

4) Tuvalu– With 9 square miles and 12,000 residents, this small Polynesian island gained independence in 1978 and was formally known as the Ellice Islands. It is composed of 9 coral atolls on a 360 mile chain in Polynesia.

5) San Marino– San Marino is located in italy and sits on a small square mileage of 24. It is claimed to be the oldest state in Europe with its founding dating back to the fourth century. San Marino is home to 29,000 residents.

The list of small, microscopic countries continues as there are a total of 17 countries that fall under the category of a square mileage under 200. These countries may be hard to locate on a map, however, they have all made a name for themselves and have very unique characteristics. They are also home to hundreds and thousands of residents.

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