What Do Dreams Mean?

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Sometimes when you lie down at night to rest and get some sleep, you are taken on an even more adventurous journey that feels extremely weird and real the next day. Our dreams can feel so significantly real, real enough to still hold feelings about them and continuously think about them the next day. You find yourself asking “why did I dream that?” and “what does that mean?” Piecing together and understanding the significance behind our dreams can be extremely baffling.

There are several theories in place to help give reasoning behind the meaning of our dreams, yet no theory has yet to be proven a scientific fact. Some scientists are working to understand dreams and how to interpret them, and others suggest that dreams serve no real purpose at all.

Sigmund Freud wrote a book called “The Interpretation of Dreams” and in this book, he describes dreams as related to wish fulfillment. Freud believed that the manifest content of our dreams served to disguise the unconscious wishes of the person who is dreaming. Carl Jung has similarities to his theories of dreams, however, he felt as though dreams were an expression of more repressed wishes of the dreamer, and that dreams are both of the collective and relative unconscious.

Calvin S. Hall perceived dreams are part of a cognitive process and dreams serves as conceptions of elements in our personal lives. He looked at themes and patterns after analyzing thousands of peoples dreams and what they wrote in “dream diaries” and categorized dreams based on different subject matters. G. William Domhoff is one of the more commonly known dream theorists who proposed that dreams reflect the thoughts and concerns of our waking life.

Dream interpretation and research has sparked in popularity in recent times, and it is an interesting journey to find out what our dreams really mean. Some say that there are no real interpretations to our dreams and that they serve no purpose, while others believe that our dreams directly correlate to different elements and aspects of our lives. There is no real scientific answer to the meaning of our dreams, but there are several different theories to look at when decoding an unusual dream.

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