What is best gun safe for an AK-47?

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There’s a lot of discussion recently around what the best gun safe is for a rifle, namely the AK-47. Although you can find numerous reviews of gun safes there is rarely a guide that perfectly captures the essence of ownership for a rifle owner. We have different needs – ours guns are large, long range and never seem to fit in the standard run of the mil gun safe.

We’re going to present the 3 different types of gun safes suitable for an AK-47 and discuss the benefits and cons of each. Hold tight, this is going to get messy!


Biometric gun safe

Biometric gun safes seem to be all the rage these days. These are safes that allow you to enter them with the use of your fingerprint. They often have no key and store a limited number of fingerprints and small guns.


These safes have the advantage of limiting the amount of people that can enter them. Because they rely on a fingerprint, only the person with the correct impression can enter.


Unfortunately, many of these safes are lightweight and made of inferior material. They are also costly. Most biometric safes are too small for an AK-47.


Large gun safe

A large gun safe is what you usually see in an ammo shop rather than in your own home. These gun safes store a huge amount of guns. You can usually find a large gun safe that holds anywhere from 16 to 24 guns, and some even hold more than this.


They are super resistant to attacks. They have some of the best grade material and are difficult to break into.


The biggest con of a large gun safe is that they are so heavy. This makes them incredibly difficult to move. They’ve also got a super huge price tag to match.


Long gun safe

A long gun safe was literally designed for an AK-47. These are safes that hold a limited number of guns (usually around 2 to 4) and stand upright. This is most people’s preference when they are looking for a gun safe for an AK-47, and they offer different access depending on the price.


A long gun safe is usually lightweight and holds a small amount of guns which is all most of us need. You can also bolt these to the ground to prevent them from being stolen or moved.


Just like a biometric safe, some long gun safes can be made of slightly inferior material but you can find ones that are made of higher quality material.


Which gun safe is the best for an AK-47?

The top gun safe for an AK-47 is definitely a long gun safe. These are the type of gun safes literally designed for this purpose. You’ll be able to bolt the safe to the ground, keep your guns secure and ensure you’re following the guidelines set out in the law.

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