What is the best SmartPhone on the Market in 2014?

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Ahh, Smartphones. The ever-changing, technological accessory that we cannot live with, and we cannot live without. Picking out a smartphone these days is almost as intense as picking out a new car or a home. You have to find the right one to accommodate all of your needs and desires, and that can be hard in a market that mostly only mass produces smartphones. As technology continues to advance, and smartphones are being released each year, it’s difficult to keep up. Here are a couple of smarphones that are deemed “the best smartphones of 2014.”

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a smartphone that was said to be “so powerful and so long lasting, you may not need a tablet,” by the tech expert blog “Tom’s Guide.” A device made by Android, it includes a large, bright 5.7 inch screen display, with a convenient, built-in “S-Pen” to use to actually write on the device. This phone also multitasks better than any human. It can run two apps, side-by-side, and is your best friend when it comes to doing two things at the exact same time.  Another beautiful feature of this smartphone is its extended, 10 hour battery life. You never have to worry about having a charger with you at all times.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a little bit on the big side, and it might not be the smartphone that every person needs to use. The next best smartphone is a little more compact, and is manufactured by our friends at Apple. The Apple iPhone 5s has the basic features of an iPhone that we have all grown to love, but has some more advancements than the iPhones of the past. These devices are a little more easier to use for those that aren’t technologically advanced, and it features a high-def camera and millions of apps to help manage your every day life.

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of the world’s best smart phone. In fact, the most basic thing to say is to decide what your greatest needs and wants are in a smart phone and finding one that can help you better handle all aspects of your life.



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