What is the Illuminati?

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The Illuminati is the name of both fictitious and real groups that span over different centuries. The name “Illuminati” refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, a secret society of people during the Enlightenment Era in 1776 to oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence in public, state government abuses, and the growth of women’s education as well as gender equality.

From that point on, the term “Illuminati” has been given to several different “secret society” groups that have come together in an effort to oppose something or even control world affairs by staging events and even placing their own kind into government role for better control. This would give the members of these secret societies more power and influence.

The Illuminati is said to be behind several different conspiracy theories, making the world their puppets and pulling the strings with control of many things that effect mass amounts of people. The term “illuminati” and the group has always been centered around having large amounts of power and influence and in control and behind the scenes of a lot of important situations.

The Illuminati is claimed to be still around in present-day situations. Modern day fraternal organizations make claims that they are involved in the Illuminati, and the Illuminati is also suspected to have members of the celebrity community that are involved with this secret societal group. The Illuminati in the past has also supposedly had very notable, prominent members in its group. American Presidents have been targeted to have been members of this secret society, as well as other politicians and several celebrities in each decade.

There have been several books written about stories and conspiracy theories that involve the Illuminati. Things such as Waterloo, the French Revolution, and even John F. Kennedy’s assassination have said to have ties to the Illuminati involving communists plots against government or for government.

The Illuminati is still said to be involved in secret societal situations even today. Several celebrities and public figures have been accused of being a part of this group, however, whether this group really is in existence or is just a hoax, we will never know.


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