What to Consider when Choosing a Fridge for Your School Kitchen

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Becoming a school chef can harbour an important responsibility between you and the school children who will indulge in your cooking. It must be not only healthy, but also satisfying for the fussiest eater. Without a fridge for your kitchen, this would never be possible! This list will show everything that is needed in a cafeteria fridge to obtain a perfect school meal and happy students.

Is it accessible to the students?

It is important to give a school child the choice over their own meal. With 13.2% of pupils claiming free school meals in 2016 according to the UK Government’s website, food cannot just be wrote upon a menu and left to the students’ imaginations. Thus, when choosing a school kitchen freezer, it may be best to purchase a freezer display cabinet as well as something to house groceries and meat products. With a glass exterior that keeps the food cool and fresh, it is perfect to give students that sneak preview of a meal. It will allow them the opportunity to pick their own food and, therefore, give them a sense of independence.

The chill of your unit

For a refrigerator in a school kitchen, rather than a dining room, be sure to research into the brand and power of your chosen appliance. Whilst a brand may be quite well known, different reviews of it can present a realistic picture of its flaws and strengths. Your fridge’s temperature is your food’s armour against any germs or harmful bacteria detailed by the Australian Government Department of Health. Therefore, it is crucial that your equipment is well maintained without breaking down. Nowadays, there are a wide range of fridges with powerful thermometers in human sight for keeping a close eye on whether your appliance is working thoroughly. To avoid any contamination or maintenance repairs, make sure there is a temperature reader attached to your purchase!

Size and storage space

Be sure to analyse how big your kitchen is before making a purchase. Whilst most schools require a large walk in fridge or medium fridge to store groceries away, anything too big or too small may became a hazard for the staff. Make sure that your fridge can be tucked into a space wide enough to avoid tripping hazards and for groceries to be safely stored away. Fridges can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Compare their cost, height and width and energy expenditures before buying.

A well organised interior

A well organised fridge is a happy fridge, according to The Huffington Post! Buying a fridge with too little room can cause the waste of potential food products, but buying a fridge that is too large may cause products to be mixed and disorganised in their shelving. As mentioned in the previous point, size matters a great deal when picking a fridge for a school kitchen. For mixing products can cause cross contamination and become a threat to the pupils. Make sure your shelves inside your fridge are the correct size for any food you will need. This will aid your staff in finding them and quicken up their meal production.

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