Who was Jack the Ripper?

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Jack the Ripper is the alias given to an unidentified man who was a serial killer, very active in the impoverished areas of London in 1888. The name Jack the Ripper came about from a letter from the alleged murderer that fluctuated among several media outlets in London. This letter was said to be a hoax and supposedly written by a journalist trying to amp up the story and get more recognition, however, the name Jack the Ripper became a way to identify an anonymous murderer. Jack the Ripper was also called “Leather Apron,” as well as the “Whitechapel Murderer.”

Jack the Ripper’s usual targets were female women who prostituted themselves in the not-so-fortunate areas of London at that time. Their throats were usually slashed before abdominal mutilations. The murderers way of removing bodily organs gave the insinuation that this person may have surgical and anatomical knowledge.

There were eleven murders from April 1889 to February 1891, all assumed to be connected and all being called the “whitechapel muders” but the London Police Department. All of these murders happened during holidays or over the course of a holiday weekend, and all happened within a few streets of each other. This lead law enforcement to believe that Jack the Ripper was, indeed, an employed, local resident of the area that attacked whenever he wasn’t working and stayed within his designated area.

Because of the way the murderer mutilated the victim’s bodies and the way he used a knife and other sharp objects to remove internal organs also lead people to belief that Jack the Ripper was an upper-class, well-educated man that visited the area in sole search of prostitute victims. This assumption brought on much distrust of medicine and scientific theories, as well as the exploitation of the poor by the wealthier citizens.

There are many theories that were compiled during the years the murders were happening, as well as decades and decades after the murders occurred. There are over 100 suspects in the case of identifying Jack the Ripper, and even hundreds of years later, there has been no conclusion on who Jack the Ripper really was.



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