Who Was the Youngest President?

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The youngest president was Theodore Roosevelt, or popularly known as “Teddy” Roosevelt. President Roosevelt served as the president of the USA from 1901-1909, serving two full terms. He was 42 years old when he began his first term as president, right after the assassination of President McKinley, and he was the 26th president of the United States.

President Roosevelt was mostly known for his extraordinary personality and character, large range of interests, hobbies, and achievements, as well as his prominent role in the Progressive Movement. A member of the Republican Party, President Roosevelt held political offices and was involved in political business on local, state, and federal levels prior to his beginnings as the President.

Theodore Roosevelt is considered to be one of America’s greatest presidents, and his face is one of the four that are displayed at Mount Rushmore alongside Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. He accomplished many things during his presidency such as the completion of the Panama Canal, demonstrated American power via the Great White Fleet, and won the Nobel Peace Prize after negotiating the end of the Russo-Japanese War.  Because President Roosevelt was such an outdoorsman, he also implemented the conservation movement to help better preserve nature and the environment.

A Harvard graduate, President Roosevelt studied biology and sparked an interest in naval affairs, where he then went and joined the navy to further his political involvement. President Roosevelt continued to stand up for his beliefs and become an advocate for many different causes. He contracted rare diseases that weakened his health upon returning from a venture in the Amazon, and passed away in 1919.

Aside from President Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy was runner-up to the youngest president. President Kennedy began his term when he was 43, only a year older than President Roosevelt. Bill Clinton was also in the top five youngest presidents, as he began his term whenever he was 46 years old, and Ulysses S. Grant began his presidency whenever he was also 46. America’s current president, President Barack Obama, is the fifth youngest president as he began his term at 47 and is currently 51, after becoming reelected for a second term.

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