Why am I so tired?

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There’s always that 2:00 feeling– you’re more than halfway done with the work day, but it’s after lunch and you are feeling very full and sluggish. Sometimes, this 2:00 feeling begins when you wake up, and doesn’t cease until you have laid down to go to sleep at night. Being fatigued and exhausted every once in a while is normal, however, if this is an all-day everyday feeling for you, that is not normal.

There are many reasons we become tired starting with the food we put into our bodies all the way to the amount of exercise we get or medications we take. There is no general answer for the reasons we are constantly tired, but there are a few steps we can take to get to the root of the problem.

1) Make sure you are getting enough rest. This seems like an obvious reason to be tired, however, people are not aware with the amount of sleep they should be getting, or are not consistent in their sleep patterns, making it hard for their bodies to adjust to different sleep schedules.

2) Eat a balanced, healthy diet (or try to). Loading up on sugary and fattening foods could very easily be what is dragging you down and making you groggy. Instead of choosing these fatty foods, choose food that have are easily metabolized and give you more energy. A lot of vegetables are good about giving off great energy. Veer away from caffeine, it may give you energy for a short amount of time, but it will leave you crashing. It could also be the reason for not sleeping regular hours.

3) Exercise. You would think that exercising makes you tired, however, exercising just 30 minutes can really increase your energy levels and release endorphins that put you in a happier mood. Exercising also makes it easier for you to go to sleep at night.

Although these three steps are not going to be the solution to your fatigue and exhaustion issues, these three things are definitely key things to look for when searching for a solution to your tiredness. If these modifications in your lifestyle do not work, visit your doctor to see if there are more underlying issues to your exhaustion.

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